Community Revitalization Through Democratic Action-Economy Program Evaluation


Community Revitalization Through Democratic Action-Economy (CRDA-E), emphasized economic growth and job creation through LED, agriculture and MSME development during the last 2 years of a 6-year, $200 million program. The CRDA-E implementing partner, Mercy Corps, conducted LED activities in 15 Serbian municipalities. At the end of the CRDA-E program, Mercy Corps sought to assess the effectiveness and impact of its LED activities on its program municipalities.


Conducted municipal visits, with interviews and group meetings with selected CRDA/LED municipality partners and stakeholders

Evaluated sampled LED projects

Prepared a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the CRDA-E LED process and the degree of institutionalization of the LED process in Mercy Corps’ CRDA municipalities, and created a LED municipal capacity index (MCI)

Prepared a report and briefed the client as to findings and recommendations