Independent Audit of the Status of Municipal Support Programme Outcome Indicators


During the period June 2004 - December 2007, the Serbian municipalities of Arilje, Čačak, Čajetina, Kraljevo, Požega and Užice participated as programme partners in the SDC-funded, Municipal Support Programme (MSP). The MSP sought to create sustainable, autonomous, effective and accountable local government in the region, contributing to better living conditions for the local governments' citizens. From November 2005 through January 2006, DCG conducted an assessment to determine whether the MSP was meeting programme goals and objectives and to what degree the project was positively impacting local self governments. The MSP subsequently sought additional assessment services to determine whether programme goals and objectives were still being met.


Reviewed project documentation

 Analyzed outcome indicator data

Created and tested a relevant sampling content/methodology

Conducted field assessments through interviews with selected MSP local government officials and focus groups

Presented/briefed initial results to the SDC

Prepared a report discussing quantitative and qualitative findings