Municipal Environmental and Economic Governance Project (MEG)


The investment climate in Bosnian and Herzegovinian municipalities needed to be improved. MEG Project is a 12-year initiative, supported by the Government of Switzerland, aimed at supporting local governments to improve their democratic governance and provide public services in an inclusive, effective and efficient manner, particularly those related to economic and environmental sectors.

The overall objective of the Assignment was to provide inputs and set a baseline for the design of the fully-fledged MEG Project, in particular related to improvement of business-enabling environment within targeted localities, by providing high-quality assessment of the overall economic situation and business environment within targeted localities, with specific attention on the municipal economic governance and framework aspect.


Data collection and analysis of the current economic status in 17 selected municipalities

Preparation of assessment methodology and tools for the private sector survey

Analysis of the private sector survey results

BFC SEE standard-based assessment of municipal business friendliness

Preparation of 17 municipal reports, with key findings, lessons learned and recommendations in local language

Preparation of a compiled, comparative report in English language


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