Training, Technical Assistance and Communication Services within NALED’s Business-Friendly Certification – South-East Europe Project (BFC SEE)


Providing training to NALED partner municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia about how to obtain certification as a Business Friendly municipality.

NALED’s Business Friendly Certification program in Serbia has sought to create the conditions that enable Serbian municipalities to assure existing businesses and potential investors that they will receive needed, appropriate services and information in order to start and enhance business activities.  Business Friendly Certification introduces uniform quality standards for LED organization and professionalism; strategic planning; cooperation with local businesses and investors; and availability and accuracy of information related to various business procedures - from registration to construction, provision of communal infrastructure, utility services, hiring a labor force, etc. As NALED expanded its Business Friendly Certification program to partner municipalities in the South-eastern European region outside of Serbia, it required training support to familiarize new partners, evaluators and municipalities with the details of the program and prepare them for application for certification.


Assessed existing and background conditions that might create impact on the partner municipalities certification

Prepared and conducted Business Friendly Certification training for regional partner organizations, evaluators and local governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia about the Business Friendly Certification concept and process, lessons learned and important steps to complete for certification

Prepared guidebooks detailing the Business Friendly evaluation process for municipalities and evaluators, technical guidelines and accumulated knowledge and experience of previously certified municipalities

Provided on-line and telephone follow-up support to partner municipalities and consultants concerning topics and issues pertaining to the Business Friendly Certification process

Prepared a Communication Strategy for the partners in Serbia, BiH, Croatia and Macedonia