Advocacy, Public Relations and Communications Services


Since it's 2006 establishment, Serbia's premier, independent association of businesses, local governments and civil society organizations has worked to improve the business climate in Serbia. NALED’s 140 members and 20 institutional partners seek to improve Serbia’s business environment through institutional reforms with active participation and cooperation of businesses, municipalities and citizens.

As it entered its 6th year, NALED sought to improve its communications and outreach strategy to better educate the public about crucial, proposed business and economic reforms, and better persuade Serbia’s national and local governments to implement measures to improve that nation’s business climate.


Assessed existing public relations, communications and advocacy goals, plans and activities to identify strong and weak areas, and introduce new initiatives

Prepared new/revised organizational communications, public relations and advocacy strategies

Organized public events while building the capacity of internal staff to manage the same in the future

Prepared strategic plans for organizational positions on emerging issues, such as renewable energy and agriculture

Assessed current donor outreach/support programme and crafted revisions to its master plan to increase donor support and effectiveness