What is LEDIS?

LEDIS (Local Economic Development Information System) is an innovative and unique solution for managing local economic development. It is a user-friendly guide for municipalities in data collection, updating and use. LEDIS enables efficient and transparent LED office functioning and automatic exporting of data to the municipal or LED office website directly from the system.

One of the greatest advantages of LEDIS is that it is a result of joint work of its developers and users - it is a tailor-made product, designed to fit the specific needs of modern local governments. LEDIS is an information system which helps municipalities establish a living database - it is constantly being modified and is never treated as a finalized, inflexible product.

LEDIS is exactly what progressive, forward thinking municipalities need: a tool for establishing a good quality database that will support sustainable community development planning and project implementation, investment attraction, SME growth, retention and expansion, tourism development and job creation.


Who are LEDIS users? 

LEDIS is a universally applicable system - any local government, in any country in the world can profit from using it.

LEDIS is a new, recently launched system, applied in 21 municipalities in Serbia (BorBoljevacGolubacKladovo,Majdanpek (Foundation for LED), BečejNegotinSokobanjaVeliko GradišteZaječar) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mrkonjić GradPrijedorTešanjŽepče, Kozarska Dubica, Srbac, Gradiška, Laktaši, Banja Luka, Jablanica, Konjic).

Currently, LEDIS is fully localized to Serbian, Bosnian and English language. It can be easily adapted for use in any other country. You can join other local governments that actively participate in developing LED information system. LEDIS is a system designed to be constantly improved and updated.



 What does LEDIS offer?

A good-quality database is a precondition for solid community development planning, management and monitoring. It is used for the purposes of strategic planning, resource management, LED project development, implementation and monitoring, identification of economic potentials and municipal comparative advantages and municipal marketing. LEDIS keeps all key elements of local economic development in one place: 

Full community profile, with a possibility to proactively use data

Tourism management data

Registry of all small and medium-sized enterprises, with a possibility to filter and group data

Workforce development module

Agricultural data

Strategic plan implementation module

Project management module

Database of available investment locations

Database of available business facilities

Registry of contacts and partner institutions 

Human resource management module

Registry of diaspora

Project opportunity tracker


What can LEDIS do for you?

LEDIS is an information system that will enable you to be professional, always well-informed, efficient in providing necessary information to investors and proactive in creating a favorable business environment in your municipality. With LEDIS, the entire municipal administration works for LED office: each municipal department enters the data they have and, then, everyone uses them. There is no more need to knock on anyone's door to ask for data before an important meeting or for report preparation needs.

There is no need to spend hours in obtaining data and doing statistics - just click the appropriate button and LEDIS will generate it for you!


What are the technical requirements for LEDIS?

LEDIS is a user-friendly desktop application - the internet connection is necessary only when new data/software versions are updated, or when information is exported to the user’s website/LED office web-page.

Minimum preliminary technical requirements that each user must fulfill include installed MS Windows XP Professional and SQL server. All Serbian local governments are well-equipped with the entire package, due to the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on free transfer of knowledge and technology between Microsoft and the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The software is designed to work within local area connection, which allows access and different levels of use by the authorized local government personnel – officials in charge of various LED data, through a password system.


LEDIS works even in average conditions!

Recommended/minimum client computer configuration: 

Hardware: RAM: 1GB; Processor: 1,6GHz; Hard Disc: 80GB; LAN 100Mbps; graphics S-VGA(1024x768). 

Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista.

Ledis is an information system based on WinForms Microsoft .NET technology. If the client does not have MSSQL Server installed, along with the software, we will install SQL-Express 2005, free of charge, sufficient for LEDIS to function