Delivery of Technical & Training Services to LGs in the area of Implementation of the Property Management, Inventory and Asset Management Study for the city of Novi Sad



The City of Novi Sad needed technical assistance to create a reliable and accurate property inventory, a valid database, obtain documents from the National Cadastral Office, submit the NEP forms to the National Property Directorate, harmonize regulations at the local level and improve professional and technical capacities of local administration staff.

Technical assistance provided as a part of the Exchange 4 programme. Institution and HR capacity building of the city administration of Novi Sad to take up the property management function.


Assessment of the current status and capacities for property management.

Preparation of a detailed study, with lessons learned and recommendations of the methodology for introducing an appropriate institutional framework for property management and claiming their property back

Support in the establishment of property database

Training of the city administration staff in the basic principles of property management, tools and techniques of property management and database establishment and use.