Training for Establishment of Citizen Assistance Centers, Pilot Project and Assessment



Serbian local governments within Mercy Corps Community Revitalization Through Democratic Action (CRDA) project area of operations lacked capacity to communicate with and deliver services to citizens. Citizens were not aware how to effectively ask for more municipal services. Mercy Corps staff needed training how to deliver effective CAC capacity building technical assistance in order to help build municipality capacity.


Trained Mercy Corps implementing partner's staff how to establish CAC`s, conduct organizational activities, familiarization with CAC operating procedures, and best practices of municipalities already possessing CAC`s.

Conducted a baseline assessment of the viability of establishing a CAC within a target municipality: collected data, interviewed key local government and state officials and local institutions regarding existing governmental procedures, conducted meetings with local media, NGOs and the business community, created project implementation recommendations.

Trained, provided technical assistance to and monitored the activities of municipal CAC staff.

Prepared a physical and conceptual design for a CAC facility.

Conducted communications and customer relations training.

Designed promotional materials.

Publicized and conducted CAC opening events.

Assessed conditions/requirements for establishing similar CAC`s in additional municipalities